Wedding favors are an excellent way to express gratitude to your guests who have come to your wedding. These small gifts provide a cheap yet considerate way to convey your character, preferences, wedding theme, or favorite colors.

What are Wedding Favors?

Wedding preparation can be exhausting and very time-consuming. You may focus so much on great details like your wedding dress or guest list that you might often forget about more minor details. These may include your wedding party favors.

However, still giving out wedding favors can be a thoughtful way to give presents to your guests. A way to thank them for joining you on your special day. It may be simple but very thoughtful. The favors' size, cost, and complexity are not necessary, but they can nevertheless be.

Five Popular Wedding Favors

  1. Drinks

Edible gifts such as drinks are among the most popular wedding favors. A wedding party is a celebratory event involving many toasts and beverages, so it makes sense that you would leave them with some drinks too. Maybe they can be very fancy to be opened on another special occasion.

Now a drink bottle doesn't have to finish in one sitting, so every time they have a glass, they can think of you. Sometimes these drinks can also be miniature and won't be as helpful, but they can provide great aesthetic value.

  1. Photobooth

Now obviously, it is not a whole photo booth machine. But you can have a photo booth at your venue. Here your guests may take pictures of themselves with you or each other, and something not just restricted to your wedding photographer. The photos can get printed immediately and even have your wedding hashtag at the bottom with your colors if you have any specific preference.

  1. Scented candles

Another trendy wedding favor item is scented candles. They are famous because they can be customized with almost any theme. Candles come in many colors and scents, so follow your design. Suppose you have a winter theme for your wedding. There will be many winter scents to choose from. This way, you'll never run out of options.

  1. Glassware

Since we're following a specific theme, glassware is a great and practical wedding favor. They don't have essential drink glasses but can also be mason jars. The great thing about glass is you quickly get lines printed on them. So, you could give your guests glassware with a thank you, your wedding hashtag, or any other creative token of gratitude.

  1. Bottle Opener

If you're giving away drinks, why not give away a bottle opener? They don't have to be very fancy but can be very simple and convenient. Once again, they can have your colors and names on them. This way, every time they use it, they'll remember you.

Benefits of Keeping Wedding Favors at Your Wedding

Traditionally, wedding favors have been passed down for generations. Now it is not to say that they are necessary but preferred by you and your guests. Firstly, these favors are a great way to preserve memories. As a souvenir, almost. If you're having a destination wedding, your wedding gift can be a souvenir to them so that they may remember their trip fondly. You can place them on their seating table or even give them a gift bag at the end of the day.

Next, wedding favors are a great way to follow your theme to the end. Let's say you have a specific piece for your wedding, like your favorite colors or song. You can incorporate your wedding gifts into it by applying the same theme to it with custom wedding favors.  Lastly, since weddings are a significant effort, these small details are what will make a lasting impression. When guests know that you have gone the extra mile to appreciate them, they'll remember. 


Now let's say you're having a wedding. It doesn't mean that you must give wedding favors to everyone, which can become very costly. What you can do is you can gift them to the exceptional members of your wedding. Like your closest family and friends perhaps. Wedding favors don't have to cost a fortune if you're on a tight budget. You can even pick tiny chocolate pieces to present to your guest.